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Destination Healthcare Services, LLC, is a residential medical care provider for adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental disabilities in Middle, Tennessee. We are a licensed Medicaid provider with a certification to operate a three-bed Group Home, regulated by the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD). Destination Healthcare Services is certified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). 

Destination Healthcare Services, LLC will admit and provide services to people of medically complex conditions, advanced age, persons with dementia, developmental disabilities, mental health problems, physical disabilities, traumatic brain injury, or other disabilities that necessitate placement in community group home and supportive services.


Our Mission

The mission of Destination Healthcare Services,  is to serve abundantly, and care wholeheartedly for all within our care. We take pride in our calling to serve others within our community. We uphold our integrity, professionalism, and courteous mannerisms at a high standard. We provide equal, and quality care. We vow to continuously promote others to become the best versions of themselves.

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Our Vision

The vision of Destination Healthcare Services, is to provide a home for adults with medically complex conditions within DIDD guidelines. Residents will experience high quality care and service by the organization staying up to date with policies, procedures, employee training, and education. Residents will receive professional and precise care from every member of our team, allowing residents the opportunity to grow, learn, and create experiences while in our care. Residents will actively participate day to day activities of their choice with a focus on improved function, independence, and high satisfaction, with safety as a top priority. 

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